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1Kg Tri Tip Roast
1Kg Tri Tip Roast

1Kg Tri Tip Roast

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  • 1 Tri Tip per pack
  • Grade AAA+
  • 100% Alberta Beef.
  • Minimum 28 Day aged.
  • Hand cut from the Whole Sirloin
  • Vacuumed sealed and frozen. 

This spectacular cut of beef is both flavourful and tender.  It is hard to find here in Canada but very popular in the Western United States - where it is also know as the ‘California Cut’ or ‘Newport Steak.’

This triangular shaped roast is best suited for being rubbed with spices and roasted or smoked whole.  It can also be cut into steaks.  
As with the Pichana, slicing across the grain is a must!

Our Tri Tip is ideal for oven roasting or is fantastic when smoked.


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