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Whole Brisket
Whole Brisket
Whole Brisket
Whole Brisket

Whole Brisket

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  • 1 Whole Brisket per pack.
  • Grade AAA+
  • 100% Alberta Beef.
  • Minimum 28 Day aged.
  • Includes both the Brisket Flat and the Brisket Point
  • Vacuumed sealed and frozen. 

The brisket is the undisputed king of the smoker.  It is incredibly marbled and has a delicious rich flavour.  Needing similar treatment as the beef back ribs, low and slow is what is called for to cook the perfect beef brisket.

Our Whole Brisket is ideal for smoking or can be braised to make a rich beef chili.


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