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Picnic Ham 6-7lbs

Picnic Ham 6-7lbs

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  • 1pc Picnic Ham - can be cut in half on request.
  • 6-7lb each.
  • Natural Alberta Pork - free from hormones and anti-biotics.
  • Taken from the whole pork pork shoulder
  • Brined and smoked - needs to be fully cooked before serving.
  • Vacuum sealed.

These Beautiful Natural Pork Picnic Hams are a wonderful alternative (or accompaniment) to a Turkey.  Easy to cook and carve they are guaranteed to please.
Deliveries are Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th, please type in your desired delivery date in the order notes.

**Please note: anything included in the same order as special seasonal items, will be delivered on the same day as the Turkey, Ham or Stuffing Meat.**

Our Pork Picnic Hams are ideal for oven roasting or can be cooked outside on the BBQ.