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Tomahawk Steak
Tomahawk Steak
Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk Steak

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  • 1 Steak per pack.
  • Grade AAA+
  • 100% Alberta beef.
  • Minimum 28 Day aged.
  • Hand Cut from the whole Bone In Prime Rib.
  • Vacuum sealed and frozen.   

This impressive cut of meat is guaranteed to please even the most die hard of carnivores - and their friends.  Our Tomahawk Steak has a super rich delicious flavor, it is a heavily marbled cut resulting in a sensationally juicy and tender steak.  Leaving the steak on the full rib bone not only gives it an awesome presence on the plate but also enhances the flavor.  This huge steak is a feast for two, or can provide an interactive dining experience for a larger group.

 Our Tomahawk Steak is ideal for grilling or can be pan seared.

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