Next business day delivery on all orders and free delivery on orders over $75 🚛


Q - Who are you?

A - We are a Calgary based online local meat delivery service.


Q - What do you do?

A - We source, cut, package and deliver top quality Alberta Beef, Natural Alberta Chicken, Natural Alberta Pork and some sustainably harvested seafood.


Q - Where is your Beef from?

A - We only sell Alberta beef, we only buy our beef from Provincially inspected plants and processors.


Q - How long do you age your beef for?

A - We age all of our beef for at least 28 days prior to cutting it into steaks and roasts.


Q - Do you sell Natural Beef?

A - We are looking for a Natural Beef supplier - so please stand by.


Q - Where is your Natural Alberta Chicken from?

A - We purchase all of our chicken, from Mountain View Poultry based just outside of Okotoks.


Q - Where is your Natural Alberta Pork from?

A - We work with local Hutterite colonies and source only the finest Natural Pork (free from Hormones and Antibiotics.)


Q - Why do your prices change?

A - We do our best to maintain our prices, but as we rotate through our stock as often as possible, the prices we pay from our suppliers change due to the market rates.  We then have to pass this onto our customers.  This does mean that our prices can go up, but it also means that our prices can go down.


Q - Do you offer custom cuts?

A - We can only offer the items listed on the website, we will always be looking for new items, so please keep checking back 


Q - I am allergic to certain foods, where can i find an ingredient list?

A - All of our products that contain anything other than pure meat have an ingredient list displayed on their product page.  We also label the packages of these products


Q - Do you have a Store Front?

A - We are purely an online store.


Q - Am i able to pick-up my order?

A - We are unable to offer a pick-up service.


Q - Where do you Deliver?

A - We deliver to Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochran and Okotoks, if you are not sure if we deliver to you please fee free to ask us at:


Q - Is there a minimum order for delivery?

A - We do not have a minimum order for delivery.  We will deliver all orders over $75 for free and charge a $7.99 deliver fee for all orders under this amount.


Q - Do I need to 'Build a Box' or sign up for a regular subscription?

A - At you only need to order what you want, we have no minimums or subscriptions.  Just top quality products delivered direct to your door.


Q - Do i get to keep the bag?

A - All of our deliveries are made using a reusable '' insulated bag.  These bags are yours to keep and we welcome you to use them as much as possible - they make a fantastic lunch bag.  However, if you would like to return your bag please leave it out when expecting your next order.  We will take it back, fully sanitize and reuse it.


Q - Do you offer fundraising options.

A - We run an Affiliate program through  This is a great way raise money.  Please take a look at our Affiliate Program page and see if it works for you.


Q - I love, how or where can I show my support.

A - At we love what we do and want you all to love it just as much.  Please feel free to post all of your experiences on our Facebook or Instagram pages, we also love being recommended on local online notice boards such as the nextdoor app.  Even if you do not have access to these platforms please just tell your friends and family.


Q - Any other Questions?

A - Please send us a message at