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5oz Cod Loins
5oz Cod Loins

5oz Cod Loins

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  • 1 5oz Cod Loin portion per pack.
  • Sustainably Caught Wild Atlantic Cod.
  • Boneless and skinless loin Portions.
  • Individually Quick Frozen in 5oz Portions.
  • Vacuum sealed.

Our all natural, wild caught Atlantic Cod Loins are fantastic.  The pearly white loins are cut from the  thickest part of the fillet, and offer a moist and succulent texture that gets flaky after being baked. When it comes to taste, the fillet has a sweet, but subtle flavour that you’ll love.  These IQF Cod Loins are completely trimmed into 5oz portions and are conveniently packaged in singles - ideal for meal planning. 

Our 5oz Cod Loin portions are ideal for oven baking or homemade fish and chips.

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