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6oz Swordfish Steak

6oz Swordfish Steak

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  • 1 6oz Swordfish Steak per pack.
  • Sustainably Caught Wild Swordfish.
  • Boneless skinless Steaks.
  • Individually Quick Frozen in 6oz Portions.
  • Vacuum sealed.

Our wild caught Swordfish Steaks have a mild taste and firm meaty texture.  They make an excellent option for people who are new to eating fish or do not enjoy a stronger taste.  These IQF Swordfish Steaks are beautifully trimmed into 6oz servings and are conveniently packaged in singles - ideal for meal planning and marinating. 

Our 6oz Wild Swordfish Steaks are ideal for outdoor grilling or are fantastic when seared in a cast iron pan.

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