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Calgary Pork Butt

1.75kg Pork Capicola Butt

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  • 1pc Pork Capicola Butt per pack.
  • Natural Alberta Pork - free from hormones and anti-biotics.
  • Taken from the whole pork pork shoulder
  • Vacuum sealed and frozen. 

To many people, this is the finest cut from the whole pig.  We have taken a whole pork shoulder and trimmed it up to leave the capicola butt. It has incredible marbling which gives it a fantastic rich flavor.  It also means it is able to stand up to a long cooking time.  A long time favourite among pit masters for pulled pork this versatile ready to cook pork capicola butt has many more uses.

Our Pork Capicola Butt is ideal for oven roasting or can be smoked for pulled pork.